Play Gacha Life on PC

Gacha Life, developed by Lunime, is a beloved anime game available on both mobile devices and PCs. The PC version offers some unique advantages, such as downloading character creations with a transparent background, making it ideal for Gacha Life edits. However, it should be noted that the PC version has limited functions compared to the mobile version, like the absence of online chat​​.

Playing Gacha Life on PC

Previously, playing Gacha Life on PC required an emulator, but now it’s available for direct play on computers. This development has made creating adorable characters more accessible for PC users​​.

Download Gacha Life PC Version

Downloading Gacha Life for PC is simple and free. You can easily download the game from Lumine’s official website or by the download link given below.

System Requirements

To enjoy a smooth Gacha Life experience on PC, your system should meet these minimum requirements:

  • O.S: Microsoft Windows 7 or above
  • Processor: Intel or AMD
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM or more
  • Space: 5GB of free disk space

Features and Gameplay

Character Customization

Like its mobile counterpart, Gacha Life PC allows players to dress up characters with different hairstyles, clothing parts, weapons, and more. Players can take up to 8 characters into Studio mode to create scenes and stories​​​​.

Studio Mode and Mini-Games

Studio mode lets players set up amazing scenes to share with others. The PC version also offers eight mini-games, such as Duck & Dodge, adding more fun and interactivity to the game​​.

Enhanced Gameplay with BlueStacks

Playing Gacha Life on PC through the BlueStacks emulator provides enhancements like Macros, Multi-Instance, Script, and Repeated Tap. These features allow for automation of tasks, playing in multiple instances, and easing repetitive actions​​.

It’s important to note that the PC version available for direct download is a demo of the full version. The full version, with more features like online chat and leaderboards, is available on Google Play and iOS​​.


Gacha Life PC offers a unique and enjoyable experience, especially for those who prefer playing on a larger screen or want to use their creations for edits. While it lacks some features of the mobile version, its ease of use, character customization, and studio mode make it a worthwhile choice for fans of the game. Whether you’re new to Gacha Life or a long-time player, the PC version is worth exploring.